4 Books You Must Read!

Any free moment I can read, I take it! Although I don’t get much time, I have really been enjoying some books as of lately. I am a big fan of self-development and faith books, so that is the list you’ll see here. I don’t often pick up a fictional novel now-a-days, unless it’s a really, really good one. In my younger years I loved them, but now that I’m living in the responsibilities of adulthood, I find myself wanting to better myself, thus, the books following are my current reads.

  1. Good Food, Bad Diet – Abby Langer

Okay, here’s my 2 cents…I liked and disliked this book at the same time. I liked that it gave extremely valuable information when it comes to nutrition and nourishing your body, but the talk about diet culture took me for a spin. I can’t quite put my finger on why it bothers me so much about the way she talks about it in the book, but it sort of bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an endorser of diets by any means, but her opinions were pretty intense for me. 

That being said, if you want a great starter guide for fueling your body optimally so that you can increase your energy and health, this is a great book! She simplifies the information and makes it easy to understand. If you’re overwhelmed with your food pattern, this book will even that out for you.

  1. 25 Ways To Win With People – John Maxwell

If you are a business owner, you will find a lot of takeaways from this book! As a leader, you want to guide people the best way possible, and John helps you do just that. He breaks down the ways humans operate internally, that we don’t always consider, so that we know how to treat people, and be respected by them. This book will help you improve in the arena of interpersonal relationships!

  1. Habits of a Godly Woman – Joyce Meyer

If you follow me on my Faithfully Fit Motherhood Instagram page, you know that Joyce Meyer is one of my absolute favourites! I own several of her books, and they are all fantastic for the Christian woman’s journey! However, this book stands apart. It really gives you a glimpse into leading a life filled with the very things our heart desires- peace, joy, contentment, hope, etc. She gives you the foundations of what it means to live a life with God in it, so that you can go out and continue to pursue your relationship with Him. 

Highly recommend this one!!!!

  1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey

This book….wow, I don’t even know how to describe it. Stephen’s explanations of his ideas in this book blew my mind. His wisdom is exceptional! The information was so relevant that I know I will be rereading this book for many years until its teachings are engraved in my brain. He gives so much practical advice for living a well-rounded life. After reading that book, I felt confident that I knew what tools I needed to live a good life while I’m here on Earth.

These books all offer great insight into facets of our lives that are important to us. I believe that we all have an innate desire to want to better ourselves, and if that rings a bell for you, then these books are a “must-have” on your list!

Let me know if you end up reading one! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next post,

  • Jess 😊

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