50 creative at-home date ideas

Happy Monday! Today, I am drinking a chai tea with a little bit of oat milk. I have been tempted to get one of those adventure challenge books, but I figured why not come up with 50 dates because It is cheaper to develop my own ideas. So, this is my list of 50 at Home Date Ideas. 

  1. Games Night:

Game nights can be fun. There are also hours of options. You can play board games, card games, dice games, trivial games, etc. There are an endless amount of options.

Board Games:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Battleship
  • Scrabble
  • Candyland

Card Games:

  • War
  • Crazy Eights
  • Kings in the Corner
  • Rummy
  • Cheat
  • Bridge

Other Games:

  • Yahtzee
  • Jenga
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Jack Box
  1. Puzzle:

Puzzles are a great activity to be able to spend time together and talk while having fun. It is also really calming and relaxing. They allow for peaceful quality time, and you are creating something together.

  1. Video Game Marathon:

Video game competition can be fun and flirty. It can bring out your competitive nature and allow you to have fun. 

  1. Build a Fort:

Grab all of your blankets and pillows, and get to building a fort. It can be a tiny fort to watch movies in and decorate cutely, or you can have a fort building competition. 

  1. Camping Trip:

Whether you go outside and have a fun camping night in your backyard or create an indoor camping experience, you need to roast marshmallows. You can light a campfire or roast them over a scentless candle. Build an indoor tenting and eat everything you can make outdoors on either a fire or camping food. But don’t forget the most important part, disconnect from technology and tell stories.

  1. Wine and Cheese Night:

Buy a couple of wine bottles and a few different kinds of cheese, and have an at-home wine and cheese tasting night. Spend the evening talking and enjoying the wine and cheese.

  1. Spa Date:

Grab your housecoat, some sugar, masks, and cucumbers. Have an at-home spa night and spend the night pampering yourselves. Make a homemade sugar scrub that works well with your skin, play some calming music, and enjoy the quality time and relaxation together. 

  1. Travel Inspired Date Nights:

Travel somewhere in your place. Pick a location that you want to go together, cook some local cuisine, and some themed activities. The activities may include but are not limited to movies, books, crafts, sports, videos, etc.

  1. Bake-off or cook-off:

Pick your favourite foods and try new recipes together to see who can make the best one. It can be a challenge for a prize, like who picks the movie, activities, etc., or it can be just for fun. 

  1. Paint night or craft night:

Have a fun craft or paint night, and if you want, you can drink some wine. You can come up with skills on your own, or you can join an online craft night.

  1. Picnic:

Have an indoor or outdoor picnic. You can set up a blanket, get a bottle of wine, light some candles, and spend the evening with delightful food and conversation.

  1. Research Night:

This may sound dorky but have a research night. Pick a topic you are both passionate about. You can do PowerPoints, fun creative projects, or other fun activities. It will help you learn, but it will also be fun to learn together.

  1. Karaoke Night:

Use YouTube and have a Karaoke Night. Sing your favourite songs. 

  1. Intimate Night:

Spend the night getting Intimate, and yes, this is PG 13. Spend the night just getting to know more about each other. Do online questionnaires and find out each other’s love languages. Find different ways to show each other you love each other throughout the near. Write love letters to each other and read them. Create a scrapbook. Just spend the night focusing on your relationship and each other.

  1. Reading Night:

Pick your favourite book and favourite hot beverages, and curl up on the couch and read together. You can even choose the same book and discuss the chapters as you read them.

  1. Plan a Dream Trip Together:

Travelling is always a fun adventure, but sometimes it isn’t possible. So, why not spend date night planning for your dream trip together. You can decide upon your location, activities, places to stay, and so much more. You can also start to plan the budgeting. This way, when you go to book it, it will be all planned and ready.

  1. Bucket List:

You can create a bucket list for you and your significant other. It can be a couples bucket list, an individual bucket list, or a timed bucket list. It is fun to plan your dreams together and look at everything you desire in life.

  1. Fight:

Being in a relationship can be difficult sometimes, so why not spend date night fighting. Have a pillow fight, water gun fight, food fight, nurf fight, etc. It will add some competition in the night, but it will also include fun laughs.

  1. Travel Somewhere From Home:

There are online museums that you can visit or online tours of places, so why not take a trip. You can also create PowerPoints of places that you want to travel to and pretend like you are going there.

  1. Recreate Your First Date:

Recreate or plan a new first date. Act like you are just meeting each other. It can be exciting and allow you to get to know each other more. It also allows you to relive one of your best moments.

  1. Breakfast for Supper:

Eat breakfast as supper. You can even do it in bed and have mimosas. It can be fun to switch things up a little bit. 

  1. Dance Time:

Take an online dancing lesson, or watch videos. Spend the evening learning how to dance together. You can do fun dancing, or you can do more of a romantic dance. 

  1. Creative Writing Night:

Have a creative writing night and write stories, poetry, etc. You can take the time to write about your love story, or you can write about anything else you feel passionate about writing about. 

  1. Plant a Fairy Garden:

Plant a garden together and spend the time talking. You can add ornaments to make it into a Fairy Garden.

  1. Meditate Together:

Spend the night really focusing on the present moment together. Spend some time meditating, drinking tea, and enjoying each other. 

  1. Have a candlelight dinner:

Have a romantic candlelight dinner. You can cook together, drink wine, and just enjoy each other in a romantic setting. 

  1. Night of Horror:

Have a horror night. Watch scary movies, true crime videos, ghost videos, podcasts, etc. Light some candles and play some spooky movies.

  1. Paint Each Other:

Although you can paint each other’s bodies, I am referring to attempt to paint each other’s portrait. Spend your day or evening looking at each other and paying attention to every delightful detail. Look closely at your partner’s eyes. 

  1. Yoga night:

Have a yoga night together. You can do couples yoga and get close and intimate. It is also relaxing and allows you to be possibly try something new together.

  1. Mixologist Night:

Either learn how to make your favourite drinks or try some new drinks you have never had before. It can be fun and give you time just to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Fame Competition:

Do you and your significant other have different favourite celebrities? Well, make it into a competition. Both of you, pick a favourite celebrity and bet on it. You can decide on a prize between the two of you, but you will have a winner. You will watch either movies, music, videos, etc., that the celebrity is in, and then you will rate everything on a scale of 1-10. This will solve the competition of who the best celebrity is. 

  1. Day in Bed:

Spend the day in bed together—Binge-watch your favourite TV show, movie series, or favourite movies. You guys can read books, play games, and even enjoy meals in the comfort of your bed.

  1. Comedy Night:

Have a night of laughs. Spend the night enjoying anything that you find funny. You can watch comedy specials, YouTube videos, and you can even write your own comedy special. It is fun and will bring out many laughs between you and your significant other.

  1. Create your ultimate couples playlist:

Create a playlist of all your favourite songs. You can do this for road trips, or you can plan your favourite songs that remind you of each other. It can be romantic and tell you a lot about each other.

  1. Indulge in your favourite foods:

Find your favourite food and cook them together, order your favourite food in, get your favourite snack and just indulge in these foods.

  1. Create a Gallery Wall of your favourite photos together:

Print off your favourite photos and create a gallery wall in an open space in your place. You can colour coordinate it and add cool designs.

  1. Learn a New Skill:

If you are both interested in learning something, why not make it into a date night. Learn together. Spend quality time together while improving your skills. You can watch YouTube videos, use skillshare, or just do research. It is always fun to learn new things together.

  1. Fondue night:

This one is quite explanatory. It is a fun night to eat delicious foods and spend time together.

  1. Try to Break as many records as possible:

Guinness world records have many fun and eventful records that you and your significant other can attempt to break while on your at-home date. It will also allow you to come up with and try new tasks. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/

  1. Bubble bath:

Get some pedals, some bubble bath, some wine, and enjoy a warm bath together. You can spend the time relaxing and talking about things without distractions.

  1. DIY Project:

If you have and your significant other have a fun project that you want to complete, then you can spend a date night and complete the task together. 

  1. Re-organize the House/ Redecorate a room:

Is there a room in your house that you’ve wanted to re-organize, re-decorate, or just clean? Why not spend the evening doing it together. Turn on the music and dance around together.

  1. College Drinking Games:

Spend the night going back to your college days. Have some drinks and play some games. It will bring back your youth and make you smile.

  1. Learn a Language together:

Work on learning a language together. Obviously, you won’t be able to learn an entire language in one night, but why not get started. You can learn some of the language for the next trip that you plan on going on, or a language that you always wanted to learn.

  1. Family History Date:

Spend the evening learning about your family history. Read family journals and history to learn more about where you come from, and where your significant other comes from. It can be a great growing experience. It will also allow you to learn more about each other.

  1. Lip sync or airband battle:

Create an airband or a lip sync battle. Really open up and let loose. Spend the night just laughing, dancing, and singing around together.

  1. Star Gaze:

Either go outside or set up a blanket by the window and look out at the stars together. Watch for shooting stars to make your wishes.

  1. At-home couple Massage:

Learn how to properly give each other massages. There are many youtube videos out there on how to give massages, so why not have a relaxing evening giving each other massages.

  1. Create a New Habit Together

It is always best to create a new habit with another person because you will help keep each other accountable, so why not spend a date night setting up a new habit. Work together on becoming your best selves.

  1. Plan your next big step together:

Plan a big step together, such as a trip, project, goals, ideas. Work together on making your dreams come true, so why not spend a date night planning them together. 

There are so many awesome ways to have a date night at home. I hope you all have a great week.

  • Caitlin ❤

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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