10 Valentine’s Day Movie Ideas

If you’ve clicked on this post, it is no secret that the movies listed will be in the romantic genre. Sharing a movie night together is a great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your partner, and also your family! 

So let’s dive in, shall we?

  1. Me Before You 

I will admit, the ending was not my favourite, but I love the story line! Have some tissues ready!

  1. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

This is a classic, and all time favourite for me! Besides, who doesn’t like a movie with Matthew McConaughey?! 😉

  1. Notting Hill 

The humour in this movie will warm your heart! I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside just thinking about this movie! It’s a must see!

  1. The Wedding Planner

If I could pick only one movie out of this entire list, this would be it! I will never get sick of this movie! This one also has Matthew, so it’s a no brainer 🙂

  1. A Walk To Remember

If you want a reason to get close and cuddle your partner, put this one on the big screen! If I had to rate this movie it would be a 1,000 out of 10.

  1. Fireproof 

Okay, you might have to make your movie night and movie marathon night because you simply cannot miss this movie! If you want something with a powerful message, this one’s for you!

  1. The Perfect Man

If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your gals, go no further than this pick! I could go on forever about everything I love about this movie!

  1. Hitch

Want one your man will like too? This one will be a real hit! I’m almost certain he’ll like the comedy included in this flick.

  1. The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler work brilliantly together in this movie. You won’t regret watching this one!

  1. Life As We Know It

This one’s for the parents out there. So good!

Well, that’s 10! I’ll be honest, I could have done 100 😂

However, this list will definitely give you a great start!

If you end up watching one on this list, come back and let us know! We’d love to hear what you thought! 

Good luck!

  • Jess 🙂 

Photo by Georgia Vagim

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