Best Tips to Being Single on Valentines Day

Happy Monday! Today, I am drinking peppermint tea. Isn’t it crazy that it is already almost a month into 2021? Although 2020 was crazy, I feel like it went by way too fast. With the end of January coming, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here are my tips on how to rock being single on Valentine’s Day.

Friends Valentine’s Day Activities

  • Do a gift exchange with your friends: Get a group of friends together for a gift exchange. You can even do it over zoom and drop the gifts off Covid friendly at each other’s doors. You can buy each other flowers, self-care gifts, or just fun gifts that you know your friends would love. My one friend snuck into my house with her key and left me a Valentine’s Day gift that I woke up to find. It made my day and reminded both of us that we have each other.
  • Do a Friends Date: Either with one friend or more, plan a date. Go to the movies, out for dinner, make each other dinner. Go and get massages and have a spa day. Have a cocktail night, and each of you makes a cocktail. What would you do if you were in a relationship and do it with a friend?
  • Do a Crafts Night: There are so many fun crafts you can do for Valentine’s Day. You can have a Tie Dye night or a paint night. Any kind of craft you love and want to do with your friends would be fantastic for a crafts night in.
  • Volunteer: Find somewhere local to volunteer. Volunteering can take your mind off of the day and get you out of your thoughts. It will also make a difference in someone else’s life.  
  • Do a Movie Marathon Night: Watch your or your friend’s favourite movie marathon, and get your favourite movie snacks. You can also mix a few of these activities. If you want to do a gift exchange, dinner date, craft, and a movie night, you can. Or Volunteer and have a movie marathon after. I also put this last because this can be done alone. You can have a movie marathon by yourself, and then you can watch the movie and eat the snacks you want to eat.

Self-Love Valentine’s Day Activities

  • Start a New Smutty Book: Smutty books are my favourite recommendation on this list. It could be the book nerd in me or the hopeless romantic. Some Of my smut recommendations are: “Red, White, and Royal Blue” by Casey McQuiston is going to be my smut this year. Aside from that, I would recommend any fantasy because I find fantasy has the best smut scenes, especially enemies to loves smut.
  • Self-Love Activities: This can include so many things, but I am going to list 3. Have a spa day for yourself, and read your book in the tub with a face mask on and a glass of wine. Write a self-love letter. I love the idea of this. You can even go on apps that will send you the letter in like 4 months. This will allow you to send it and get a fun surprise on a random day in the future. You can even write it for next year’s Valentine’s Day. You can write about your self-growth over the past year. You can also treat yourself and buy your favourite snacks, movies, and activities. 
  • Reflect: Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year. Reflect on it. Reflect on your previous year and maybe even your last Valentine’s Day.  What in your life have you changed, and what do you wish you changed? Reflect on your current week or month. What has made you happy in the past month, and how can you acquire more happiness in your life?

However, aside from just typical reflection, you can reflect specifically on your love life. How would your life be different if you were in a relationship? Do you actually want a relationship, or do you just desire intimacy from anyone? Would you rather rush into something or wait for the right moment? What do you enjoy about being single? Would moping and being sad about being single change anything in the long wrong? Would you be any happier tomorrow if you were in a relationship? Why do you need a relationship to bring yourself joy? 

  • Live Your Life:  There are so many conversations out there on how Valentine’s Day is just a day for a commercial. It really is just another day in your life. Honestly, this is what I will be doing for Valentine’s Day. I will be going on with my life like it is any other day. There really isn’t anything significant about this day aside from the significance you give it. So, why not just live it like it is any other day.

Remember, whether you are in a relationship or not, this day does not define you. It is just another day, so don’t let yourself be sad on this day. Appreciate the little things, and enjoy your life. I hope you have a wonderful week. 

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Priscilla Du Preeze on Unsplash

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