Valentine’s Gifts For Your Partner’s Love Language

We are one month away from Valentine’s Day, and if you’re anything like me, you’re thinking you have lots of time to get a gift, but then the day inches closer and you’re in full-on panic mode. That is why I’m writing this list out now, so that you can start to round up ideas before time runs out!

I decided to round up some suggestions based on your significant other’s love language. I feel as though it’s a good place to start because if you are speaking their love language, it’s almost a guarantee they’ll like your gift 🙂 

PLUS, I made them all “home friendly” because it’s covid season…

*Little side note: If you don’t know your partner’s love language, think about moments that you find they enjoy the most, or things that generally come up in disagreements. For example, if they say “I wish we’d spend more time together…”, they are definitely a quality time person! I assume there are also quizzes online that you could take, or simply, just ask them! It’s always fun to bring up in conversation because people love being loved! 

Let’s start, shall we?

Physical touch

I’m going to start by saying I will be keeping things PG in this post, but you can let your imagination run…

The gift I’m going to suggest for this one is a voucher booklet (which you can make homemade!) of massages/back rubs. Some examples of vouchers are: 

-15 min massage by me

– 1 massage I can’t say no to- no matter what time of day

– no time limit massage

– foot rub with no complaints

Also a good idea to make an effort to throw in some cuddles that day, because that is this love language’s heaven! (Speaking from experience 😉 )

Quality Time:

If this is your partner’s love language, you really have an ENDLESS amount of gifts you could give them. All it needs to involve is you!

However, some ideas that come to mind are:

– romantic dinner date (don’t think it has to be at a fancy restaurant. Some candles and wine go a long way…you can even make an indoor picnic!)

– go outdoor skating and bringing their favourite hot drink to enjoy

– plan a movie marathon with THEIR favourite movie treats, and movies that you never want to watch with them- no objections!

– tell them they get to decide how you both spend your day

– ask them to teach you about a hobby they love to do 

These may not sound like “gifts”, but the point is that your time is truly the gift they’re longing for, so you really are scoring a win!

Words of Affirmation:

For this one you can get creative if that’s your thing, but if not, Etsy is your best friend. Type it in the search bar, and you’ll see endless ideas for handmade signs, jewelry/accessories, or clothing that has personalized sayings on it. I will provide links for examples:

For Women: Jewelry



        Handmade Décor Sign  (I think this one is a winner, no matter what love language you are lol)

For Men: Accessories

                           Key Chain

    Clothing (okay, I let things get a little spicy…)

                Clothing (in case the first one’s not your style…)

These are sure to make your partner feel special! 🙂


This one requires exactly what it implies: a physical gift. For this one, you will have to know your partner’s interests to really narrow down what they would enjoy. At the end of the day, buying something to wrap will be a good bet. 

Here are a few ideas, just in case you really can’t come up with anything:

For Women: Jewelry

                                At-Home Spa Kit

                                Personalized Planners

For Men: Wooden Sign

              Engraved Wallet

      Personalized Shaving Kits

Acts of Service:

Actions speak louder than words, especially with this love language. So tell your partner you are taking care of all the household chores for that day, or make them their favourite meal and dessert, or better yet, breakfast in bed! You can wash their car and fill it with gas, get up with the kids so that they can sleep in, or get something delivered to them at work that day! 

Well that’s five! I hope that this list gives you a good place to start! If you’re stuck on a gift idea, just remember that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shower your partner with love, so if you think of something with that in mind, you’re well on your way to making them feel special!

Good luck! 🙂

  • Jess

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