Top 5 Tips for Journaling

Happy Monday. I hope you are doing great. It is a New Year, and I am feeling so good. Today, I am just drinking simple water. I have heard so many mixed feelings about 2020. Some people had a horrible year, and others had a great year. Honestly, I am starting to get conflicted. It was an excellent year for me because I tried hard every day to focus on the positive. The one thing I regret not doing is Journalling. I feel like so much happened that I wish I had something to look back on, so I made it one of my goals this year to journal every day.

I honestly haven’t journaled since I was little because if I were going to write something, it would be a story or poetry. I started journaling again a couple of weeks ago and found some tips that have worked miracles for me.

  1. Pick a Time that Works Best for You. I have difficulty sleeping at night because my thoughts are running wild, so I decided journaling at night works best for me. Picking this time is very important because it will allow you to have a set schedule. It might be morning for you because that is when your thoughts are most evident. It all depends on what works best for you and your time. Try to write when you have a clear mind and less distraction. 
  2. Begin and End Positive. I like to write in my journal like I am talking to someone. So, I make jokes and be my awkward self. I started the year off by writing 2020 in the top corner where I put my date, so I joked about that in my first sentence. I also have agreed that no matter how bad my day was, I have to end my journal entry with three positive and motivating sentences for myself. This means that I end my journal in a positive mindset. It is also amazing to realize that I can come up with three positive things about myself every day, no matter how insecure I am feeling. You can journal the way you want, but I try to live my most positive life by always reminding myself of the positive. I honestly think the best thing that I do in my day is to write those three positive things about myself.
  3. Write as Much as You Want. I used to say that I have to write two pages in my journal, and I actually would make myself feel things because I needed to write this whole extra page. DO NOT DO THIS. Write what you think that you need to let off of your chest. Do not force things because it will just open your mind up to more cans of worms. If you want to dig deep sometime, then yes, explore your more in-depth thoughts. But just on a typical day of journaling, focus on the things you want to release rather than exploring stuff you are not ready to let go of just because you need to write two pages. If you feel like writing ten pages that day, then don’t restrict yourself down. Let all your thoughts out. You deserve this time for yourself and your thoughts.
  4. Don’t Ever be Hard on Yourself for Your Thoughts. Writing down your thoughts can be an intense process. Sometimes, it is difficult to face your thoughts, even if they are continually running through your mind. Especially those thoughts that you try to brush off. An important part of journaling is bringing awareness to your thoughts and processing them. Why are you thinking of them? DO NOT GET MAD AT YOUR THOUGHT. Try to understand them. You are having these thoughts because they either bothering or impacting you, so acknowledge them. Treat them like they are your friend, and you want to help them. If you cannot process your thoughts alone, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to close family, friends, therapists, or counsellors. You are never alone. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. 
  5. Lastly, Do It How You Want to Do It. Journaling is for no one but you. Don’t try to impress others. Do it for you. If you don’t like doing it on paper, keep an online journal. If you enjoy writing when you feel inspired, then do it then. If you have no ideas, look up prompts. If you want to write in poetry format, then do it. You are writing in your journal for yourself and no one else, so be 100% yourself.  

If you enjoy journaling, please let me know your tips and tricks. I always love trying new things and am always looking for ways to improve my goals. I hope you took something out of this and have a wonderful week. You are all you need, so love yourself until you believe it. 

  • Caitlin ❤

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

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