Holiday Movie Review

Hey you! Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started. This post will do over some time, so I don’t have a specific drink, but right now, I am drinking hot chocolate with red velvet baileys. If you haven’t tried this already, I 100% recommend it with a little sprinkle of cinnamon. This blog post is going to be fun for me and enjoyable for you. I will be rating and reviewing all of the holiday movies and shows that I watch until today. I do warn you that I have the W-Chanel going nearly all day, every day. This might be a long post, but if you need any recommendations, this is the place.

  1.  Holidate 7/10 (Netflix)

The humour in this movie is what makes it great. It has the cliche romance that many holiday movies have, but the bitterness and chemistry between the two characters are fantastic. It is an entertaining and upbeat movie on family pressures around the holiday season. You will definitely get some awesome laughs from it.

  1. The Christmas Ring 8/10 (W- Channel)

This is a classic Hallmark movie. They fall in love, something happens to make them fight, and they end up together. The hopeless romantic in me cannot help but love this movie. I enjoy the Hallmark movies that have a search for something, and they end up finding love. I just love the humbleness of these movies. If you like classic Hallmark movies, you’ll love this one.

  1. About a Song for Christmas 6/10 (W-Channel)

Although I enjoy this Hallmark classics plot, I was not a massive fan of the actors. I did still really appreciate it. I always love the country and small-town love story because I am a hopeless romantic, waiting for my love story. I also love the save the farm kind of plot. The ending of the movie seemed a bit rushed for me. I would have like to see a little bit more indecisiveness from Addie.

  1. Love Actually 3/10 (Amazon Prime) 

I have to admit, I wanted to watch this show solely for my love for Keira Knightley. I always enjoy a movie with different plots and stories that all connect. To be honest, I was mainly paying attention to the scene with Keira in them. There were other aspects that I enjoyed, such as the Portuguese girl’s plot. It definitely has its amount of scandalous moments but in a comedic way. It honestly was not my favourite movie. There were way too many plots and not enough Keira. I also just didn’t enjoy the film.

  1. The Princess Switch 8.5/10 Switched Again 5/10 (Netflix

The Princess Switch is a mixture of Princess Diaries, Christmas, and The Parent Trap. I love this one. I don’t know if it is because Vanessa Hudgens is such an incredible actress or if the plot is just that good; however, I am also going to talk about the second movie as well. It is Called the Princess Switch Switched Again. I honestly don’t like it nearly as much as I did the first one. I find the plot not to be as intriguing. Although the ending was great, it just did not meet my standards. I would have rather had the plot not add in another twin and just tell a romantic story. 

  1. 12 Gifts of Christmas 7/10 (Netflix)

The 12 Gifts of Christmas is a fun-loving Hallmark movie. I think after this movie, I need to stop watching Hallmark movies. I do love them, but they are all repetitive. This one was a bit different, though. The chemistry between the two characters was not super crazy. At points, I thought maybe they are just going to be friends. It was still a good movie. I definitely would watch it again. It also really made me think about my Christmas presents, and how much thought I put into them.

  1. The Holiday 7/10 (Netflix)

I have seen this one a few times, and it is definitely a Christmas movie you can watch repeatedly. There are many different aspects to this movie. The experience of needing a new start is something I love. I live for a change or an adventure. The idea of basically just running away from your life for a weak and explore a whole new place alone sounds incredible right now, especially during covid. It reminds us to step back from our lives and really focus on the things that bring us joy. 

  1. Christmas Wonderland 8.5 (Netflix)

I know I said that I wasn’t going to watch any more Hallmark movies, but I just can’t stop. This dang hopeless romantic in me is deciding to make me watch all of them, so once the holiday season is done, I can survive till next year. I have no rhyme or reason why I love this movie, but I think this is my favourite Hallmark movie yet. Although I do not find the acting super awesome, I love the scenery and the plot. It was super cheesy, and I cringed. It was still really great. I also just really enjoyed the passion aspect of this movie. Many of the Hallmark movies have a love story, but they don’t have an artsy passion, and I loved that.

  1. Disney’s A Christmas Carol  (Disney +)

As someone who has read Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” and many spins off. I have to say this movie was a big let down. I do really love the original story and have read some great spin-off books. However, I think this is my first time actually watching the movie. I am not sure if I found it comical or just a little too cartoon-like to enjoy the book. I honestly think if I didn’t love the book and the storyline so much, I might have enjoyed it more.

  1. Noelle 9/10 (Disney +)

Okay, who doesn’t love Anna Kendricks, but in a Christmas movie, so amazing. Also like, her reindeer Snowy is everything. Can I get a pet reindeer? I absolutely love this movie. I also love that it isn’t about falling in love. After all the Hallmark movies, I really needed a break from the lovey-dovey stuff. The film is just full of positive vibes and excitement. It does a great job of sharing the Christmas spirit. I definitely recommend watching this one.

  1. Elf 1000/10 (Netflix)

Elf is the classic holiday movie. If you haven’t seen it already, you have to watch it. It is a fun and animated film for all ages. I don’t have too much to say about it because I think it is the perfect movie to watch and make into tradition every year continually. 

I feel like I have to say this is only about half of the movies that I have watched this year. I enjoyed many of them and will watch many more. Holiday movies are my favourite things. I hope you all take some time out of your week and spend some time doing something in the spirit of the holidays. Have a wonderful week.

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Katrin Hauf on Unsplash

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