25 Year-End Reflection Questions

HEY YOU! Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started. This evening, I am drinking a hot chocolate with maybe a little Bailey. Shhhh, let’s keep that secret between the two of us. 

Around this time of the year, I tend to spend my spare time reflecting on the past year. I always love to reminisce, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the present or look forward to my future potential. I find myself reminiscing over my favourite memories with some of my favourite people, and since I have spent so much time alone this year, due to covid, I find I have been reminiscing a lot more. I think back to my travels with some of the fantastic people I have met along my life journey. I think back to friends who are merely memories now. 

However, what I have been thinking about most lately is myself. I have been reflecting on my previous expectations of where I would be today. I am still young, so ten years ago, I was still a child. I honestly think, at that point, I wanted to be a lawyer, and although I am stubborn now, I couldn’t see myself enjoying that too much. I also think I wanted to be married with children at this age. Now, I am like, maybe when I am thirty. It is crazy how much has changed in ten years. 

In my one class and actually a book I have been reading, I was introduced to ‘memento mori.’ This is the reminder of death. It also had me reflecting on my present life and my potential. So with the end of the year coming, I am going to give you some excellent questions to reflect on.

  1. Ten years ago, where did you see yourself being now in your life? 
  2. What are your feelings about your visions for yourself? 
  3. Five years ago, where did you see yourself being now in your life?
  4. What are your feelings about your vision for yourself? Has it changed? Are you happy with the change? 
  5. Did you have any goals this year? If so, what were they? If not, why not, and do you wish you changed that? 
  6. If you had goals, did you achieve them? 
  7. If you achieved them, what did you do to achieve them? What was your timeline for achieving them? Who helped or supported you in achieving your goals? Why were you inspired to accomplish this goal? 
  8. If you didn’t achieve them, what could you have done differently? Who could you have asked for support? Are there any apps or books that could have helped you achieve them? What held you back from achieving this goal, and how can you face this challenge head-on?
  9. Are you planning on setting goals for next year? If you already have some intended, what are they? How will you use this year’s achievements or challenges to help you achieve next year’s goals? Are you going to develop a support system or an accountability crew?
  10. What are some things that boosted your motivation this year? How can you include them in your next year?
  11. With all the changes and struggles in the world this year, what is one negative thing you experienced this year or did? How can you change it to a positive experience or a learning lesson? How can you look at the bright side of things?
  12. Although there were many changes this year, what are five positive ways you adjusted or spent your time?
  13. Did you check anything off your bucket list or put anything new on? If so, what did you check off, or what did you put on? If you put something on, do you have a time frame to achieve it? 
  14. Did anyone do anything nice for you this year that stood out to you? Did you do anything nice for someone else this year? What inspired you to do something nice for someone else?
  15. What are three mindsets that you had before this year that you change in a positive way?
  16. What are three positive habits that you obtained this year? What is one negative habit that you removed this year?
  17. What are ten positive words that you would use to describe this past year? 
  18. Did you read any books this year that inspired you? If so, what were they, and how did they inspire you? 
  19. Did you listen to podcasts that inspired you this year? If so, what were they, and how did they inspire you?
  20. Did you participate in or do something for yourself this year? What was it? How did it make you feel? How are you going to incorporate time for yourself in the next year?
  21. Are you happy about your life today?
  22. When you think about the future, what happened this year that will impact your future goals?
  23. What are you most grateful for this year? 
  24. Was there a moment this year that you stepped outside of your comfort zone? How did it make you feel? 
  25. What are five things that you are looking forward to the next year? And how are you going to ensure that they happen? 

Reflection is always super enjoyable. It is essential to look back and to be excited about the future. There are so many exciting things that happen every year. Take the time for yourself. Take time to reflect on your past year. Learn more about yourself and never stop learning. Find enjoyment in the little things, and fight through the challenging things. You are fantastic and never let the challenges discourage you. MAKE THEM INSPIRE YOU!

Quick reminder: we are doing a live BookClub meeting on Instagram at the end of the month. Follow our Instagram to be updated on all the details. We also may have a holiday give away coming real soon. I hope you all have a fantastic week. 

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

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