5 Things That Are Worth The Splurge (and 5 That Aren’t)

Holiday season is here, and Christmas shopping is in full swing. I’m actually proud of myself this year: I didn’t procrastinate 🙂 . Most of my gifts are already sitting in my basement, just waiting to be wrapped. Every other year has been last minute runs to the city to get everything in one weekend (sometimes in one day). That being said, I wanted to share some items I have found over the years to be worth every penny; and some not so much. Perhaps these aren’t necessarily Christmas gifts, but if you’re anything like me, Christmas shopping tends to “get you in the mood”…(for more shopping, of course..)

Let’s kick things off, shall we?


  1. Winter Coat

This one is for my fellow Canadians, or anyone who experiences snow in their climate. Getting a good quality winter coat was a game changer for me. I’m naturally a cold person so finding one that was parka-warm was the first bonus, but the second was that it stored well and didn’t end up falling apart. I can’t tell you how many years I spent finding a new coat because the one from the year before was torn, or the zipper was kaput, or the fabric was peeling…

Get one that will last you a long time! My store recommendation is shopping at Aritzia. Their coats are top notch!

  1. Mattress

I only learned this lesson recently. I don’t think this one needs much explanation except that you will thank yourself later. 

Sleep is so important, and waking up feeling refreshed instead of like you were hit by a train is a no brainer. We got ours from The Brick furniture store, and we give it two big thumbs up.

  1. Facial Moisturizer 

I would give up everything in my skin care routine except my moisturizer. I really believe this is the only product that is important to have as good quality. This doesn’t mean it can’t be a drug store item, but I have found that this is one product I will not be sorry about spending money on. Your makeup, skin’s health, firmness, and radiance depends on it. 

I get mine from a health food store. I talk more about it in a previous post called “For the Beauty Product Lovers”. 

  1. Vacuum

Okay, you might think this one is weird, but I can assure you, you need to know this information. 

I was very lucky to have received my Dyson vacuums as gifts, but if I wouldn’t have, I definitely would spend the money to get them. The power they have is A+, easy to glide across the floor, and comes with a variety of attachments. Plus, the cordless one is so nice for a quick cleanup!

  1. Sippy cup

Where are my mommas at? I know that you know that all sippy cups are not made the same. I got a fantastic cup by OXO (at least I think that’s the brand- it was priced at $39.99- I know, expensive) that is designed to not dispense liquid until the child is forcing it when drinking. This is not so much the case for ones I bought for $12.99 that literally drip just by looking at it. 

Get the good cups momma. If you don’t splurge on the cup, at least get the vacuum. Make things easier on yourself 🙂


  1. Sunglasses

This has proved to be true for me time and time again. I either lose them, drop them, sit on them or scratch them. They get their fair share of abuse. On top of that, if you live in Canada, you only use them for 4 months out of the year…

  1. Purses

Are you familiar with the store Ardene? I get all of my purses there, and I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me if my bag is designer. Did I mention they cost as much as those sippy cups? To me, the designer price tag isn’t worth it when I can buy one at 1/16 of the cost- AND get one in every color.

  1. Satellite TV

Has anyone noticed satellite costs a fortune? Plus, there are a million and one streaming services nowadays. No commercials and watch at your convenience- sounds like a win to me. 

  1. Mascara

There are SO many good drugstore brand mascaras! Plus, mascara should be replaced every 3 months, which can add up quickly. 

  1. Activewear

I didn’t know if I wanted to include this one because there are some pieces I think are worth the splurge- like sports bras (VERY necessary) and some that aren’t such as t-shirts, leggings and shorts. I have found some Costco gems, and they cost as much as a coffee at Starbucks.

Phew! This was a longer post than usual, but if you stuck with me this far, I thank you LOL. I hope this was interesting for you, and I’m wishing you happy shopping! 

Until next time,

  • Jess 🙂

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

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