Warrior Goddess in Training BookClub

Book lovers unite! I hope you all are getting excited about the holiday season. Today, we are going to take a moment and focus on our power in being a woman. Before we get started on this month’s book, our next month’s book will be In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren. We both really look forward to the holiday season.

Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You are Meant to Be by Heather Ash Amara is an inspirational book to empower women. She uses the principles of the natural element to inspire women to be their fully developed selves and open to all possibilities. She teaches how to channel your inner feelings and beliefs to face life as a warrior.

If you talked to your teenage self, how would you tell her to empower and express herself as a woman? How would you explain social media’s view on women? 

C. You should be yourself because although you make mistakes, you are a strong and powerful woman as long as you stay true to yourself. Although you search for inspiration, follow people, not for their likes or looks, but their values. Social media is not always what is portrayed, so don’t let it bring you down. Love you, little Caitlin. 

J. Being true to who you are takes you farther than trying to fit the mold of everybody else. Stop being so hard on yourself; find the people in your life that truly love you for who you are. It isn’t all about you. There is more to life than just being satisfied in your own ways. Reach out to people, have connections and relationships, stop obsessing over perfection. Social Media is meant for entertainment. It is not meant for you to look at as your blueprint for life. Determine and discern who is worth listening to, and disregard everything else.

If you were talking to your younger self, would you tell her to live authentically or domestically? Would you ask her to live by her own rule? 

C. I think there is a time and place for both, but overall, living authentically in your day to day life is the best way to live, in my opinion. If you’re always trying to do what other people expect of you and still trying to please everyone else, you’re going to forget about or lose yourself. It can be scary, but the more you hide who you really are, the more lost you become. If you are authentically yourself, then you’ll never have a reason to compromise your morals or who you are because you’re always you. 

J. I would say stay true to who you are, but follow God, and you will have peace. 

When talking to your younger self, would you tell her that life doesn’t always go as planned? What in your life was not in the plan but turned out amazing?

C. In my life so far, not much has gone by plan, but I have to say I have a pretty great life. I like to find the positives in the situations and make the most of it. I agree that everything happens for a reason, and there’s always good in every situation. 

J. Yes, I would tell her that life does not always go as planned. Enjoy the journey and embrace everything that comes her way. I didn’t plan on meeting Tanyr, and that ended up turning out amazing.

Do you find yourself pretending to be someone else to impress the people around you, or are you 100% authentically yourself? 

C. I think I adjust to the room for sure, but overall I think I’m myself. I may hold myself back from saying certain things, but nothing that would ever compromise my values. 

J. I also adjust to the room, but I also try to be myself. I am my most authentic self with the people I feel more comfortable with.

Are you attached to the outcome and expect everything to go as planned, or are you connected to life and thrive for new experiences?

C. My answer is yes. I am both very attached to outcomes, but I also thrive on new experiences. I am the most organized, chaotic person you will ever meet. I love to plan, and I love when they go as planned, but my favorite things are spontaneous things that happen and turn out good. However, from personal experiences, when it’s something I prioritize, it needs to go as planned. 

J. I like a mix of everything. I am definitely the type of person that likes routine and predictability, but I have learned as I grow older to expect the unexpected and to accept it.

Are you your own best friend? Why do you think that you should be your own best friend?

C. Call me crazy, but my favourite person to talk to is myself. No one can make me laugh like myself, no one can make me understand my inner thoughts like myself, and no one is going to love me as I love myself. So yes, if I could be my own maid of honour, I totally would, but I think that’s why my friends are all so different because they are all different parts of myself. 

J. I wouldn’t say that I am my own best friend, but I am comfortable with who I am and think I have a lot to give. My best friends are the people who balance me out. 

What is your advice to someone that has a negative mindset so that they can improve it?

C. STOP. Honestly, it’s your choice. There are mental health issues, but ultimately your mindset comes from you. If you choose to change it and pay close attention to your habits, you ultimately can change it. 

J. Pay attention to your thoughts. Your thoughts are very powerful. Realize that you have the choice to choose your thoughts and that you don’t have to base your life on circumstances. Change your mindset from defeated to a warrior. You got this!

This was an empowering book and a relatively easy read. It didn’t follow the path that we thought it would, but it was still good. We hope you enjoyed it. Please message us your opinion or answers to the questions if you did read the book! We will make sure to read them all, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts. We are excited about our next book, so make sure to get it. We will be hosting an Instagram live to go over it together. Check us out on Instagram to see when the live will be. https://www.instagram.com/gracefulgratefulandgutsy/  We will keep you updated there.

-Jess and Caitlin

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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