How I Read Over 100 Books in 10 Months…

Happy Monday You! Tonight, I am drinking water again, and I will remind you to drink your water once again. Many people do not drink enough water these days, but it is necessary to remain healthy and keep your body intact. Okay, I think you got it. DRINK YOUR WATER!

Onto the topic, if you do not know me already, I love to read more than almost anything else; however, I’m a full-time student (5 classes),  work two jobs, write this blog, and maintain an excellent social life. So, how did I read 102 books in 2020 before November first? Good question. I want to start with the fact that I follow a rigorous schedule. It takes a lot of discipline to achieve any goals, so beware, you may need to sacrifice things to achieve this goal. 

I am going to tell you my strategy but with the goal of 60 books in 1 year. My goal is 120 books in 1 year, consisting of 10 books a month, so 60 books would be 6 books a month. So let’s get started. 

  1. Yearly Check-In:

I begin by coming up with a clear goal. This year is 120, and last year it was 80. Next year, my goal will be lower because I plan to set a writing goal next year. I am going to use a very similar strategy but with either pages or works for the book. For the sake of this example, we are reading 60 books. Calculating how many books a month is my first strategy; After,  I come up with how many books per week. 6 books a month would be around 1.5 books a week, or I prefer to look at it like 2 weeks I read 1 book and 2 weeks I read 2 books.

  1. Monthly Check-In:

This one is where I spend most of my time. The first of every month, I pick out a tentative reading list for the month. I say tentative because sometimes books come up that I just need to read, but I read all the books on the list if nothing new catches my eye. I pick my first book with the monthly reading list, but I just let my mood choose after that. I usually have many different genres because I can get bored with a genre real quick. 

At the monthly check-in, I typically look at my tentative monthly schedule with assignments, work and other commitments to see what days work the best for me. If the beginning of the month seems slow, I will try to do more than my intended goal for the first couple of weeks, but I still stick to my original plan if it is busy. I do this because if something comes up at the beginning of the month, I can follow my schedule for the end of the month instead of overachieving. 

  1.  Weekly Check-in:

Every Sunday, I review my weekly goal and see where I can fit reading into my weekly schedule, but I also make sure every other priority is getting done. A lot of my reading gets completed over the weekends. It is also essential to not be hard on yourself if you do not achieve your weekly goals, but you need to re-organize your plans to complete the missed readings.

  1. Audiobooks are not Cheating:

I am always ashamed to admit this sometimes because people say that it isn’t reading. It is. Audiobooks are awesome. My parents live 5 hours away from me, and the drive feels like hours. Instead of listening to music or something else that isn’t going to challenge me, I listen to an audiobook. This allows me to be entertained during the drive and use my time to do something that can challenge my intellect. Doing housework, you can listen to a book instead of blaring music or watching TV. I find little jobs that don’t take much of my intellectual focus and use that time to listen to an audiobook. 

  1. Read a Little Every Day:

To achieve your goal, you need to have a steady reading schedule. I read for a half-hour to an hour every morning and night. I am a morning person, so before starting my day, I read to start my day off feeling productive. This usually happens before I even leave my bed. I recommend waking up early to read because it is an excellent quiet time before starting your day. 

  1. Find a Way to Keep Yourself Accountable:

I adore the app Goodreads. It is an app that you can connect with Facebook to make friends. You set a yearly goal to achieve, and you can save books on your board that you want to read. This ensures I never run out of books that I read, but it also keeps me on track. It can tell you if you are behind on reading or ahead. It really helps me stay accountable.

Reading is one of my favourite things. I hope this article will help you accomplish your goals of reading more books. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care!

-Caitlin ❤

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