5 Things You Need to Reduce Stress

It’s no secret that we have a pandemic going on in the world…and I’m not talking about corona…

Stress is a universal language. I don’t know of a person who hasn’t experienced it in their lifetime. Therefore, we need to have strategies up our sleeves to fight it. Here is 5 things you’ll need for battle:

#1: Sleep

I know, I know. So boring, mundane, and hard to get. However, it should be high on our priority list. It is the best medicine and recovery for our body. 

Tip: Our bodies have internal clocks. Try to go to bed and wake up the same time everyday (yes, even on weekends), and your body will start to regulate and predict sleep, optimizing your chances of a restful one. 

PS. As a mom, I know sleep is hard to come by. Try your best to nap when baby naps, and ask for help. It will take a few months to get back into routine. Perhaps even a whole year! (I feel for you momma, it’s so hard, but you will get through it! If I could, then anyone can!)

#2: Exercise

Have you heard of endorphin highs? They’re real, and effective to reduce stress. When you work out, you relieve tension, and send signals to your body to maintain optimal performance of all internal networks. Your body is made to move. Bonus: working out helps with your sleep too! 

Tip: Don’t put so much pressure on the idea of exercise. It can be as simple as walking or playing ball with your kids. Find what works for you, and adjust it according to your goals. If your heart starts beating faster, you know it’s working!

#3: People

This one goes both ways, because this could be the cause of your stress. However, we are created for connection. We need each other. Find someone to confide in. If you don’t, you will bottle up your feelings, and your stress will build until you finally blow!

Tip: If you are worried about being vulnerable to someone, remember that your value is far beyond what they think about you. Find someone you trust, and who has your best interests in mind, and I can promise they will be happy to be a listening ear. We all like to know that we’re relatable and going through the same things.

#4: A Special Delight

Find one thing that you can do everyday that never fails to bring you joy. Maybe that’s a bath, or reading a book, or calling your mom. Reserve time in your schedule for it. Plan it. This way, it is predictable (us humans LOVE predictability 😉) and you have something to look forward to each day. 

Tip: Make it simple. This way you are more likely to do it everyday consistently and less likely to skip it. If it takes a lot of effort, you will probably only do it “when you feel like it”.

#5: God

He is everything we need. Period. 

Tip: Prayer doesn’t have to be an hour long. You can talk to God as your friend throughout your day as though he is your friend. No need to overcomplicate it. 

I pray these help you, friend! If you are in the midst of stressful circumstances, you aren’t alone! You are strong, and I believe the tips above will benefit you. I would love to know what you do to reduce stress. Leave a comment below, or over on Instagram (@gracefulgratefulandgutsy)

Sending hugs,

  • Jess 🙂

Photo by Westley Tingey on Unsplash

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