The Hunt

Hey You! Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started! Right now, I am drinking a cinnamon latte. Today is going to be very different. I was thinking about awesome Halloween themed blogs and realized Halloween is a lot about scary stories, so why not ask my friend to write me a Halloween themed story. The Hunt is written by my friend Emily Thiessen. I hope you enjoy the read and have a wonderful week!

The Hunt by Emily Thiessen

It was the sounds that Vivianne loved the most. The sounds of the night on her walks home from the bar. The quiet calm that seemed to blanket the world, but just for a moment before the city came to life.

The peal of the traffic, horns blaring from angry drivers, and the squeal of tires. Laughter down the street, girls enjoying a night out with their friends. The crunch of leaves as Vivianne walked through the park. Each sound a note in the symphony that made up a night in the city.

But tonight would be different. It was Halloween. The bar had been packed all night, quarantine a distant memory for most. It seemed everyone wanted to make up for last year’s imposed exile from the nightlife. Halloween was always a night when it felt like someone had turned the volume up in her life. Sounds were louder, smells stronger, and the excitement in the air more heady. She was looking forward to getting home to hide away from the overstimulation.

Vivianne locked the door to the bar and slipped down the back alley. Shaking her hair out from her ponytail, she let herself take a deep breath and pause to listen. Hearing nothing out of the ordinary, she began her walk home. There was a chill in the air, reminding everyone that winter was not far off now. Vivianne wrapped her coat a little tighter around herself and hurried her walk. The heels of her boots on the pavement loud in her ears. 

She was almost to Hyde Park when she first felt it. The thrumming in her stomach, something was wrong. There was nothing she could pinpoint, just intuition letting her know something was about to happen.

It was then that she smelt it. That familiar sharp scent of whiskey; that seemed permanently fixed in her mind from years of working in a bar. Vivianne’s steps faltered for a second while she assessed her surroundings. The Queensway Station was to her right; trains had stopped running at midnight, she knew, but the lights were still illuminating the sidewalk. Across the street was the gate to Hyde Park. 

Vivianne decided to do the unexpected and go into the park. She’d walked these pathways more times than she could count. It was the fastest way back to her flat on the far side of Hyde. 

She walked for a moment, listening to the telltale sounds of heavy footsteps falling her. Vivianne kept her head raised and sped up her walking. The footsteps also sped up, the smell of whisky becoming stronger the closer her pursuer came. The rushing of blood filled her ears as she felt her heart start to the race, wishing she had taken another route where she wouldn’t have to worry about being followed in the dark. 

Her pursuer was evidently not worried about being stealthy. He started to breathe heavily as he continued to follow her, the sounds of his breathing, filling the otherwise quiet park. Patience running out, he finally made his move, grabbing Vivianne around her waist from behind and holding her tight against himself. Hot breath in her ear, his face pressed against the side of her cheek. 

“Are you not afraid?” He whispered in her ear as his free hand came up to pull her hair, causing her head to tilt back.

Vivianne almost hated to ruin this moment of self-satisfaction he was feeling. She turned quickly, surprising him by putting them face to face. It was almost too easy to twist his arm back and pin him against one of the trees just in the shadows off of the path. She looked him in the eye; the way the moon cut through the leaves, she could see the whites of his eyes. “Should I be?” 

Her would-be attacker took a large gulp of air, Adam’s apple bouncing. Vivianne’s eyes were drawn to the pulsing right where his carotid artery lies. It had been a very long time since she had allowed herself to indulge. But wasn’t Alaric always telling her she needed to let loose more? After all, what vampire didn’t have a little fun on Halloween?

Vivianne felt the tips of her fangs push against her bottom lip, her hunger getting the best of her. She narrowed her eyes as we assessed this man in front of her; he’d gone silent from fear. “Are you afraid?” 

The man nodded quickly, his fear palpable. It was coming off of him in waves, making it hard for her to keep control and not immediately rip his throat out. Not wanting any part of this despicable creature to stay with her, she fought her urge to feed and gave his neck a sharp twist. His body dropped to her feet, and she took a moment to pause before stepping over him. “It’s a shame no one will miss such a low life.” 

She felt a smile creep up at the thought of saving another woman from such a predator. But that encounter had sparked something inside of her; there were so many more like this man out there. She pulled out her phone. 

“Alaric? I think it’s time for some fun… how would you feel about a little hunting?”


Have a great week, everyone. I look forward to seeing you next week.

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Artem Bryzgalov on Unsplash

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