Boo! I Scared You

Hey You! Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started! Tonight, I am drinking a simple but delightful glass of water. I have been getting dehydrated lately because I forget to drink water. HEY YOU! HAVE YOU HAD ANY WATER TODAY? Yes, drink more. No, get a glass of water and drink it. So, if you didn’t notice, it is HALLOWEEN time. Halloween and Christmas are my two favourite Holidays. Yeah, I know that it is basic, but I love the environment. My favourite literature is mystery or fantasy, so I am drawn towards the spooky season. I will have for sure three and possibly four excellent Halloween based posts in the next month to celebrate the spooky. If I have time to post the forth, then you will get a lucky surprise. 

Today, we get to have a conversation about fear! I always like to say that I am fearless, but that is far from reality. The truth is I suffer from trypophobia. I have a severe fear of holes. I know, who is scared of holes? Well, I am. And here is the story of how:

Once upon and freaken nightmare… I was walking around a golf course (I was like eight-years-old having this dream). I step in a gopher hole, and my foot gets stuck. I tried and tried to pull my foot out, but the hole was forming to my foot. Out of nowhere, the ground changed from grass to glass, but my foot was still suffocated. I could see my foot laying there in the glass-like-dirt as a gopher began to walk towards it. Slowly, nibble by nibble, the gopher ate my foot, while I watched. Finally, it ate past the ground, and I limped away freely.

Shortly after, eight-year-old me woke up. Ever since that night, I was afraid of gopher holes and didn’t think much of it. About a few years ago, a friend showed me images of beehives. This caused me extreme anxiety. I was afraid of any hole that I could not see to the bottom. If I do not know what is inside, then I am scared. 

However, my fear does not hold me back from anything. I will still go hiking through a forest with gopher holes. It is okay to have fear. It keeps your body from not doing anything reckless or dangerous. However, it is not okay to let fear hold you back from accomplishing your dreams. Although I have social anxiety and am scared to go out in large social events, I still get up, go out there, and achieve greatness. Believe in yourself and trust in yourself because you can do great things. I hope you have a wonderful week.

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

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