It Only Takes 5 Seconds

Book lovers unite! According to Mel Robbins, “The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must 5,4,3,2,1 and physically move before your brain kills it.” Mel Robbins explains many experiences of the 5 Second Rule along with how she developed it. Although we expected the book to be really repetitive of 5 Second Rule experiences, it was still interesting. She does not only repetitively explain the book, but she uses the rule in different circumstances for different ages. Let’s get started on our questions!

Next month’s book will be The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. We decided on a fictional book to celebrate halloween this month. I hope you are all ready for a spooky vibe. 

To start it off, how have you implemented the 5 Second Rule into your life? How has your experience been using it? Or did you use any other ideas from the book? Would you say your experience was positive or negative?

J. I have tried implementing it, and it worked sometimes and not other times. I did use the idea of getting up right when my alarm goes off as opposed to pressing snooze. I did really enjoy that part of it. I have continued to implement it in my life. The science behind the snooze button rule is true.

C. I also implemented it into my life, but I truly don’t find it works for me. I’m the type of person that I need to get it done right away. However, I also tried getting up as soon as my alarm goes off instead of pressing snooze, and this has had a big impact in my life the last week. I really like how not pressing the snooze button keeps me accountable to get up when my alarm first goes off. 

Robbins had an experience that trapped her in a negative way of thinking and not doing (where you plan and desire to do everything, but you never accomplish anything). Have you ever felt trapped like this? How did you get out of it?

J. Yes, I have felt this way. I find it is easy to get caught in a circle and struggle to find your way out, but if you really take time to step back, take things as a whole, and one step at a time is how I recovered. 

C. I find I get so caught up in the planning and organizing of this, because I love to plan and organize, that I always end up procrastinating the actual task. However, I do usually accomplish these tasks. I just usually end up being trapped in the last minute, rushing to get things done. I tried to break the cycle, and although I do succeed sometimes, it is definitely a struggle. But I find setting a specific deadline allows me to achieve it sooner. 

What motivates you to do things? Do you motivate yourself? Do you have someone motivating you? Do you use things or rewards to motivate you?

J. What motivates me to do things is trying to stay organized because I know if I push things off and don’t get them done, they will pile up and make a worse situation. Something else that motivates me is to love and help other people. It motivates me to make a difference in the world. If there is something that I absolutely do not want to do, I use rewards to motivate me initially, but it is always that start that I find the hardest.

C. My biggest motivation is happiness. I know it sounds simple, but I find accomplishing things and achieving my goals makes me feel ecstatic. I find if I don’t achieve my goals I get really hard on myself, so working towards these goals makes me feel better about myself. For overall motivation, if I’m really struggling with something, I reward myself with time. This means that if I work for 30 minutes, I get to do a short activity for myself afterwards. I find personal time is very important to me, so to be able to reward myself with something I really enjoy is the best motivation. 

Robbins tells the reader to stop waiting. What are your goals? How can you achieve them? Are you actively moving towards your goal? How?

J. My goals are first and foremost to nurture my family while also impacting the lives of others. I am naturally a very motivated person because I get fulfillment out of achieving goals. I believe you achieve goals by working one step and one day at a time. I think that it is very rare to have overnight accomplishments. You have to stick with things and learn endurance. 

C. I set many goals for myself but my biggest goals are improving myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I am always working towards being my best self. I am doing this by educating myself through reading, university, and listening to others’ stories. I keep myself motivated throughout these goals by thinking about my ability to have an impact on others. I can only help others if I am only my best self. 

What is your experience with procrastination? Do you procrastinate because you are afraid to fail? Has understanding the fear of failure improved your procrastination? What do you think about this idea?

J. I definitely have experience with procrastination. The reason for my procrastination depends on what it is. I procrastinate with laundry because I really don’t enjoy doing it, but for a long time, I procrastinated pursuing my dreams because I was afraid to fail as well as what others thought of me. I believe that failure is learning experiences, and if you continue to keep pushing forwards, failure is not the correct term. I believe failure is giving up.

C. I agree with failure being the idea of giving up. This is why I don’t think I procrastinate because of the fear of failure. I procrastinate because of the fear of disappointing or underachieving others’ expectations. Before reading this book, I never thought of procrastination as anything more than laziness. Now I look back at a lot of my school assignments and other tasks, and realize that it was the fear of disappointing other people. The book allowed me to understand why I’m procrastinating and work towards removing that habit. 

Please send us messages on your opinion or answers to the question if you did read the book! We will make sure to read them all, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. We hope you enjoyed the book and look forward to reading The Turn of the Key with you. Have a wonderful week!!

– Jess and Caitlin

Photo by Vincent Wright on Unsplash

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