Just One Small Thing

Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started! Have you ever noticed that the days you do nothing, you feel the most groggy? 

This could just be me. If I accomplish nothing in my day, I feel miserable. I feel worse than the days I overwhelm myself with work, school, housework, yardwork, accomplishing errands, etc. I feel lazy. However, for some reason, I keep having these days. Although they do not happen much, I had one of these days yesterday. My reasoning for it: I had a long week of stress and errors, so I needed a day to feel better about myself. I watched TV (way too much TV); I read a book; I visited with friends. I did not accomplish anything on my todo list. I skipped my workout and ever crammed myself with junk food. Why did I think this would make me feel any better? It made me feel worse.

What is the better way to have a lazy day? How do I take care of myself on a lazy day to not be completely lazy? I have found the best way to have a lazy day is to do what you don’t do on your busy days. For me, this is anything physical. I think physical health is very important, but working and classes take up 12 to 16 hours of my day. Aside from a quick 20-minute workout, I don’t get much time to do physical activity. I find it very important to do different workouts or activities these days, such as going for a walk around the lake, taking a yoga class (in-person or online), skiing, going to the lake and paddleboarding, and so many other activities. This way, I am being lazy intellectually, but not just laying on my couch.

I try to do at least one small task these days. If all I do is take out the garbage, then I feel like I have at least accomplished one thing. I find if I do not do that one thing, then I end up getting stressed because all these tasks will add up for tomorrow. They will continue to add up until you complete them, so why not complete one task at a time.

If you are stressed, take a quick 10 or 15-minute break, get up, and move. Have a wonderful week. You are strong. You got this. Focus on yourself.

-Caitlin ❤

Photo by Bosco Shots on Unsplash

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