Just Do It

Most of the time it looks like this: 

  1. I don’t FEEL like doing it
  2. I decide the consequences of not doing it are worse than actually doing it
  3. I do it
  4. I am glad I did it

Ah yes, motivation. 

Most of the time we wait around to FEEL motivated. 

Motivation as a feeling = danger

I don’t feel like working out.

I don’t feel like picking up groceries.

I don’t feel like folding laundry.

I don’t feel like changing another diaper. 

What if I relied on feeling motivated to do these things? They likely wouldn’t get done…

I’d rather see motivation as a reward…

You see, if I do something despite how I feel, I accomplish something and I feel motivated to do the next thing. Okay, if I did “this”, I certainly can do “this”. It’s like putting a gear into motion; “Domino effect” if you will. 

Action always trumps feeling when getting things done or accomplished. 

Something I do to make life more fluid amongst all of the “don’t feel like doing” tasks, is to enjoy the small things. 

For instance, eating my favourite snack while I do the cleaning I don’t want to do. 

Having a relaxing bath after smashing a workout.

Reading a book to clear my mind after endless spreadsheets of paperwork.

Throw out the word motivation.

Listen to Nike: JUST DO IT!

You’ve got this!

  • Jess

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