Welcome to the Club!

Book lovers unite! A couple of months ago, we decided to start our own book club, and we would love it if you joined! Every last Thursday of the month, we will be writing a post on the book and discussing all the nitty-gritty details.

This month’s book was Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Next month’s book will be The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

Untamed by Glennon Doyle is an autobiography about Faith, Love, Growth, and Change. It is about an unexpected journey that allowed Glennon to achieve fulfillment in life. This journey is not for everyone but is still inspiring for most. This is our discussion about the book:

How does the title, Untamed, impact your opinion on the book? How does it resemble the book?

J: Yes, I think the title of the book definitely related to the meaning of the book because she was going out of her comfort zone and norms. She doesn’t care what people think and is going to live her life.

C: It impacted my opinion of the book because it allowed me to understand the metaphors throughout the book. The idea of untamed meant that she’s not going to settle into society’s expectations and fully express who she is. She won’t hold anything back in fear of others. 

On page 4, Glennon discusses the idea of a spark. Do you have a spark? Have you lost it and found it, or did you always have this spark? 

J: Yes, absafreakenlutely! I can relate 100%. I had a spark in my romantic relationship when it first started and still do to the man I am married to today. I also have a spark and passion to serve others and make a positive impact on them. 

C: *While Caitlin gets a glass of wine* Yes, I have a spark. I have many sparks that come and go. I have a spark for writing, and just in general, words. I love words. I also love new things and spontaneity. They also come at different extents. It can be as simple as redecorating my room or going to a whole different country. 

In the chapter “Polar Bears,” Glennon talks about being Brave and having a superpower. How are you brave? What does bravery look like in your life? What is your superpower?

J: *As she is not sipping a bottle of wine because she didn’t have any left* To be honest, I have to work at being brave. I find, over time, as I keep stepping out of my comfort zone it becomes more natural. To me, bravery looks like showing up whether things go well for you or not. Bravery is the willingness to be uncomfortable. My superpower is Love! I just want to love people fully for who they are.

C: Honestly, I feel as though I come across as a brave and confident person because I’m not afraid to go out there and be myself in front of people. However, I think I am most brave when I express how I truly feel about a matter. This includes things that bother me or controversial topics. Bravery looks like being 100% yourself, and not letting other people affect the choices in your life. My superpower is always authentically being myself.  

Glennon says on page 55, “Why do I trust everyone else on Earth more than I trust myself?” This seems to be a very common argument people experience with themselves. How is your relationship with yourself? Is there anything holding you back from trusting yourself? Do you trust yourself when searching for answers?

J: My relationship with myself has improved as I’ve gotten older. I guess with age comes wisdom. I’ve learned that for a long time I have let other people influence my choices instead of figuring out what I truly believe is right. However, for this, I do not only rely on my own understanding but lean on God to guide me. I trust him when I search for answers.

C: My relationship with myself is really amazing right now. It wasn’t always this way, but like Jessica said, it has developed over time. I went from completely not knowing who I was, to understanding that I’m always growing into an amazing person. I wouldn’t say anything is holding me back anymore, but the fear of other people knowing that I love myself held me back.  I was afraid they didn’t think that I’m worth loving. When searching for answers I usually trust myself unless I’m in a negative mindset. 

Glennon talks about beliefs, and how they change. How have your beliefs changed or grown over your journey of life? This does not have to be faith-based.

J: My beliefs began kind of shallow. I believed what I believed because it was what I was told. However, I chose to invest my own personal time to understand what I believe and grow in faith. I am really happy with where I am now.

C: Beliefs to me are not just faith-based. Beliefs are faith, morals, and general understanding. I feel like I have always wanted to grow in all three categories, but it’s definitely been a journey. To me beliefs is something that can never be complete. It’s something you experience throughout a lifetime and grow every single day, so my beliefs are constantly changing. 

How important is “Selah” to you? (“Selah is the holy silence when the recipient of transformational words, music, and sketchily acquired information forever… Selah is the nothingness just before the big bang of a woman exploding into a new universe”). How important is being alone with your own thoughts/ meditation/ Prayer/ creativity?

J: I think it is very important because the world can be noisy, and you have to step away from all the different messages coming at you and take time to understand truth. I also think it is fulfilling. Our world is so busy all the time, and if we don’t take moments of being alone with ourselves, our lives will just pass us by. Those moments alone allow us to adjust our perspectives and do what we truly believe we are meant to do here on earth.

C: Ditto. I also believe it is an important time to understand yourself and your goals in order to succeed. 

How do you “Keep serving [your] freaking peanuts” when going through a challenging period? How do you stay strong, when things around you are constantly changing?

J: You show up, put on the armor of God, and you fight. EVERYDAY! Life is full of change and unpredictability. Once we learn to accept that, we will not only “keep serving our freaking peanuts,” but we will enjoy it too.

C: Well, I thrive on change, so um that’s really not a challenge for me. The challenge is um putting up with the struggles along the way. Hey! Don’t put the “um’s”! (Jessica: hehe 🙂 ) I do this by always keeping the best mindset and having faith in myself. Side note: the um’s didn’t stop, I just stopped typing them HAHA

What do you desire more than anything? What is holding you back from achieving it? Are you defensive when expressing your challenges or fears? What are your boulders, and how are they holding you back? Can you remove them?

J: I desire to fulfill my God given purpose here on earth. People’s opinions hold me back from achieving this goal. The funny thing is I don’t hide my challenges or fears despite the fact that I am afraid of people’s opinions. I think the reason for this is I am looking for approval instead of trusting my instinct which I am definitely getting better at. My boulder is rejection, and I can remove it by taking action regardless of my fear and trusting God instead of other people. 

C: I think I desire more than anything to inspire others to live their most fulfilled life. I don’t feel like anything holds me back from that. I try to do that every single day. If I had to pick a boulder, I would have to say the expectations of life. For example, going to college, getting a job, getting married, having children and fulfilling this order. I can definitely remove this bolder, but I guess I’m afraid of failure. 

How have you experienced grief, and came out of it stronger?

J: Yes, and I believe that the struggles we have in life can either shape us or scar us. We get to choose. If we let it shape us, we will gain a strength for each obstacle ahead of us. We have to feel our feelings or else they will come to haunt us later. 

C: Although I have experienced loss of people in my life, the most painful grief was when I lost myself. Through this experience I have hit lows that taught me how great the highs are. This grief has taught me to never take advantage of little things, and that no matter what happens, I will always come out stronger, so always believe in yourself. 

What are your I am’s?

J: I am Graceful; I am Grateful; I am Gutsy. 😉 

C: I am Graceful; I am Grateful; I am Gutsy ❤

I hope you all enjoyed our first book club meeting and join us next time. We are reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Please send us messages on your opinion or answers to the question if you did read the book! We will make sure to read them all, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. Have a wonderful week!!

– Jess and Caitlin

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