Routines, Habits, and Goals

Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started! This week, we get to talk about one of my favourite things. As someone who works, studies, co-runs a blog, has many goals to achieve, and has a very active social life, I am almost always busy. This busyness is why being organized is the best way to make sure things are completed. When it comes to organization, I have to decide on my priorities; these can come from many variables. I wouldn’t consider myself a workaholic, but work and studies are the number one thing on my schedule. I schedule my life around my work. To create a good routine, I look at my priorities, needs, and goals.

That is how I came up with this schedule. Monday to Friday, I have a rigorous schedule. I do accomplish things on weekends; however, I do not schedule them. I like to keep weekends open for my social life, so I make a weekend todo list rather than a schedule. To keep the perfect schedule for me, I follow the following steps.

Step 1: Am I a morning or a night person? I know this can be impossible to decide for some people because they have responsibilities, such as children, careers, and other obligations. I am lucky to ask my boss to schedule me during the time that works best for me. I am a morning person. I start work at 6 am. This means I wake up at 5 am. I quickly get ready because let’s be real, working from home, I only have to be half put together. After, I make a quick smoothie and start work. I work from 6 to 3 pm with two half-hour breaks. The first half-hour break is at 8:00, and at this point, I need my coffee. The second break at 10:30 is my lunch break. Yes, I have lunch at 10:30, but when I have breakfast at 5, I am starving by 10:30. This routine makes my day go by fast with the different mile points.

Step 2: Usually, once I am done work at 3, I have finished my main priorities. I also usually have my needs already taken care of aside from supper. I usually shower in the morning, and I am always drinking water throughout the day. The next thing I prioritize is my goals. I have four main goals in my life: my faith, health, reading, and writing. I am usually super motivated and ready to move after work, so I choose to go to the gym after work. This decision came from a lot of trial and error. It is always a good decision to try different schedules to see which one works best for you. The afternoon workout fits me the best, but you may want to do a morning or evening workout. I would probably do a morning workout if I weren’t starting work at 6 am. I am always hungry after the gym, so I go home and have a 5 pm supper. I usually spend my evening after supper rotating through my goals of reading, writing, and faith but also cleaning and other priorities. I like to keep my evening schedule relatively open because it allows me to do what I desire.

Step 3: This, to me, is always the most important. Change things as needed. Aside from urgent matters, everything else is very adjustable. I still allow myself to change things as long as I understand the level of priority. For example, the gym is essential to me, but if I have a school assignment that is higher up on the priority list, then I will adjust. I will not get mad at myself for not going to the gym, but I will always make an agreement with myself to make sure I am adjusting the right priority. Most of the time, I can adapt the evening schedule, but sometimes this is not possible. My mother always says to me; I am spending more time planning when I can be accomplishing things during that time. I disagree with that. I find myself more productive because I know I have a time crunch and a specific activity to accomplish or do after.

This schedule works fantastic for me, and there are many more details that I could share in it, but I always remember that everyone has their own plan. Most people are not morning people; many people do not have the same priorities as me. It is essential to look at your needs, habits, priorities, and goals to create the best plan for you.

-Caitlin ❤

📷 by Ben Maguire on Unsplash

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