Dear younger me:

Can I tell you something that is going to save you so much time, energy, heartache and pain in this season, and every season moving forward? 


And I’m not talking about the self-absorbed kind of loving yourself. Which is actually what you’re doing right now- because truthfully, that’s all you care about- yourself. What you look like, if people like and accept you, if you’re funny enough or smart enough if you have anyone that really cares about you…me, me, me…

What I’m talking about is loving yourself in a way that is at rest with who you are and who God made you to be. Loving yourself despite outward opinions. KNOWING your true value simply because you are a child of God. And then, going out and blessing other people. Taking the focus and obsession off yourself, because that gets you nowhere.  

You see, for a long time, you have been obsessed with perfection to the point that you have hidden from the world because “Heaven Forbid” you might appear human

This is what we called “insecure”- the opposite of confidence.

Let me say this. You ARE human- and you can’t change that!

You WILL have an imperfect body and acne and bad hair days!

You WILL make mistakes and get heartbroken and have regrets!

You WILL say the wrong thing and be super awkward!

You WILL change your mind and be lost in life!

Phew, I got fired up there…Okay, you get my point…

The point of my point is: Confidence = accepting yourself as you truly are (human) + knowing your value (God’s child) + helping others (spreading love)


Can I spoil something for you?

You are going to hit a low of lows in your future. 

WAIT! Before you freak out and beg that somehow this must be a “mistake,” trust me when I say, you won’t even recognize the person that comes out of it on the other side- in a good way. On that note, can I give you some advice? Don’t avoid challenges in life. Don’t numb pain. Don’t become bitter at hardship. They mould you. They show you what you’re capable of. They give you CONFIDENCE. 

Listen, you need these challenges because not much else will convince you of what is important in life right now. You won’t change your state of being unless it is being tested… But I’m telling you that if you believe that you will be more confident when you have clear skin, a perfect body, prince charming, a million friends, a billion likes on Facebook, a successful career… I could go on forever. What I’m saying is, if you think you have to wait for something tangible to feel confident…my friend, you will be disappointed. 

Want to feel confident? Take action. 

Read your bible, grow in your faith, love and help other people, and don’t take yourself so seriously. Live with a greater purpose in mind. Live for more than yourself. 

Whew, talk about deep. (Don’t worry, you have a humorous husband in your future that is sure to lighten things up 🙂 )

Please remember you are loved! Now go and take on the world! You’ve got this!

–       Jess 🙂

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