Confidence is a Goal

Happy Monday! Grab your coffee, tea, or wine and let’s get started! Confidence comes from many things, but it mainly comes from loving and accepting yourself. If you develop a relationship with yourself and realize your opinion of yourself is the most important, then you will be able to express yourself without fear. Confidence comes in different forms but is overall one’s opinion on oneself. You can be confident in one scenario, yet not in another. This is all because of your mindset. For example, I have no problem teaching in front of my students every single day, but doing a class presentation terrifies me. This is because I am confident in front of complete strangers, yet I want my peers to see the best of me.

Confidence, like many other personal qualities, is determined by your mindset. When teaching my students about confidence, I tell them to dress up even when working or doing homework from home. They always get defensive about it, and I did too.  Why do I need to be dressed up to be productive? Why can I not be productive in my pyjamas? I always work from home in my pyjamas, and I am productive. Yes, you can be productive in your pyjamas, but it is easier for many people to be productive when they get dressed up. However, if you struggle with productivity, then getting dressed up will improve it. Why? Because when dressed up and feeling good about oneself, you will feel more…CONFIDENT.

Your mindset runs your Confidence. So, how can you rule your confidence by using your mindset? I look at what causes my lack of confidence. It always seems that my confidence is either decreased by my fear of others or lack of knowledge. You and I both have control over each aspect. Fear of others is your subconscious coming up with scenarios of what others think; however, the majority of the time, people are more concerned about their own life to be judging you. If they do judge you, then either, it isn’t worth your concern, they are compensating for their own insecurities, or it was a subconscious thought that will not matter in a few seconds. It is overall, your mind that is holding yourself back from being confident.

The next important thing to ask is what makes you confident. I am personally confident in things that I know well, such as cooking. I have been practicing it for many years. Therefore, I am not scared to share it. I have already experienced the reassurance that allows me to feel secure about sharing it, but you can’t wait until you are perfect to share. Perfection does not exist because there is always room for improvement. So, it helps if you are more confident in yourself, your skills, and your growth. Believing in yourself is the best kind of confidence. Try not to reach for the idea of perfection. Reach for your best, and then keep on reaching.

Every morning, Stop to ask yourself: how can I have confidence in my actions today?

-Caitlin ❤

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