An exciting beginning…

A blog post, huh? This feels like a dream…

Not so much the blog post, which is really cool, don’t get me wrong, but I can tell you that me picturing myself finally letting go of what people might say about me…that was a dream. Allowing my purpose to speak louder than my fears…that was a dream. 

I actually started a blog several years ago, but I didn’t tell anyone and I didn’t continue it more than a couple of posts because I was scared. Scared to let my creativity spill out of me; scared of what people would think about my creativity; if I’d look back and think, “What the HECK was I talking about?” But that’s the beauty of time; of aging…you learn to let things go. I recently heard a good analogy about life: when we are just born, we crave uncertainty. Babies will get into anything and EVERYTHING (I know from experience with my 1 year old; I never understood the term baby proof until now). They want to explore. They want to know what something does, why it does it, and how to do it again. And get this- the riskier, the better. When I tell my son “no” he wants it even MORE. Then, when they finally learn how to walk and talk, it is a whole new ball game, and the adventures get even better! The imagination is born, and they spend more time DREAMING than they do living in reality. So what happens? Why do we begin to crave CERTAINTY more as we get older? Why do we lose our lust for life? Why do we hide in security and forget that we can dream?

This. was. me. One hundred percent. And I say “was” lightly because I still have to wake up every day choosing to let go of certainty and chase what lights up my soul. But I also say “was” because I look back even a few months ago, and I think “WOW,” I can’t believe I actually did that. I can’t believe I have started putting my thoughts and ideas and passions out there. Guys, I legit don’t even recognize myself. How did this happen?

I can give you a guess, though…I took action. 

I took action, and then I started to feel confident enough to do this. I started to feel like this was possible. I have learned that “action = feeling” as opposed to “when I feel like it = action.” If I would have waited until I finally felt confident enough to come out of hiding, this blog post wouldn’t exist…

So I challenge you, friends, don’t wait until you feel you can accomplish something…go out and DO IT.

With that said, my passion, what lights me up, is:

  1. Write (be a blogger) because I’m a book worm, and it’s ingrained in me to love reading and writing. I can’t help myself.
  2. Inspire others and share what has brought my joy because I want everyone to have light in their lives- there is too much darkness in the world.
  3. Support and encourage and LOVE people because that is what we are called to do as God’s children
  4. Be unapologetically myself 

I am sitting here right now just beaming. I can’t believe I have won my battle against darkness. I can’t believe I made it past the fear. I can’t believe how stuck I was. I can’t believe how freeing this is. I can’t believe how excited I am!

Thank you for supporting our content and reading what we have to say. Seriously, I can’t say enough how much I appreciate it! I would love to see a community start on here. That would make my heart so happy! 

Well, until next post, have a wonderful day everyone!!

  • Jess 🙂

by Carolyn V on Unsplash

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