Welcome, all to Graceful, Grateful, and Gutsy. We encourage any supplementation of Coffee, Tea, or Wine (we recommend rosé) during your blissful reading. We, Caitlin and Jessica, are cousins but sisters at heart. We both share a love and passion for creativity. We have both battled our own hardships and came out stronger. We want to encourage others that there are tools to help you through the journey of life.

Our overall goal and hope for this blog is to share our experiences and help you overcome yours because we are and will always be here for you. We are your sisters, your friends, and will do our best to listen and inspire you. Expect to see posts on lifestyle, mental health, goal setting, motherhood, confidence, faith, relationships, health & fitness, and different aspects of our journey. However, we both have different experiences and beliefs, so you will be getting two different perspectives and experiences. In the next couple of days, we will share our own story individually, in order to see both the perspectives that will be displayed in this blog.

📷 by Anshu18 on Unsplash


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